UNCC Statement

May 1, 2019

Andrew Patrick
202-408-0061 x 1017
(c) 828-712-7603

What Are You Doing to Stop Gun Violence?

The daily epidemic of American gun violence is all around us. Every voter must begin holding officials responsible for their continued inaction.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Media Director Andrew Patrick issued the following statement:

“Once again, an American college campus has become a horror scene. Yesterday, two individuals were killed and two more were injured at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte. Four days prior, we saw gun violence erupt at a synagogue in Poway, California. In between, we saw gun deaths at a cookout in Baltimore, a mall in Cincinnati, and far too many firearm homicides and suicides that never made the news.

“This is an American epidemic — an epidemic that has been met with inaction and apathy from far too many in Washington. For too long, this has been accepted as normal. It is not normal.

“The American people deserve solutions. Those family members in Charlotte, Chicago, and California deserve solutions. As elections draw closer, every candidate running for office must be asked the simple question:

“‘What are you doing to stop gun violence?’”


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