Virginia Beach Shooting

June 4, 2019

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The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Applauds Governor Northam’s Swift Action on Gun Violence

The Governor’s declaration of a special legislative session in Richmond to address gun violence is exactly the leadership needed on this epidemic

Richmond, VA— Tuesday morning, Governor Ralph Northam announced that he was calling Virginia Senators and Delegates back to Richmond for a special session to address Virginia’s gun violence epidemic in the wake of the deadly attack on the Virginia Beach Municipal building that murdered twelve citizens of the Commonwealth. The Governor mentioned not only the attack on Virginia Beach but the more than a thousand gun deaths each year throughout the state.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Virginia State Director Lori Haas Issued the Following Statement:

“We applaud Governor Northam’s swift response to this epidemic that continues to destroy lives and families in Virginia. I’ve sat in small subcommittee rooms and watched conservative white men from rural districts kill life-saving gun violence prevention bills like universal background checks, extreme risk laws, child access laws, and a ban on assault weapons, extended magazines, and suppressors. They do it quietly and in dark rooms to attract little attention.

“But now a light is shining on the General Assembly building and all 140 members.

“Now is the time for all elected officials to follow the lead set by Governor Northam and honor the victims of Virginia Beach and all those murdered and injured by guns with action.

“Virginia has seen too much bloodshed and far too little action from their officials. Now is the time to honor with action.”


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