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Virginia House Of Delegates Passes Huge Gun Violence Prevention Package

Washington, DC (January 30, 2020) — Today, the Virginia House of Delegates made history. The new Democratic majority passed seven life-saving gun violence prevention measures. These bills include establishing universal background checks, establishing an Extreme Risk Protection Order, establishing child access prevention laws, requiring lost and stolen firearms to be reported, limiting handgun purchases to one per month, prohibiting domestic abusers from possessing a firearm while a permanent protective order is in effect, and granting localities authority to regulate firearms. Many of these policies have already had companion bills pass in the Virginia Senate.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Virginia State Director Lori Haas issued the following statement:

“For 13 years, I have been sitting in small House subcommittee rooms testifying about commonsense gun violence prevention measures. Until this year, I was met with only thoughts and prayers and motions to pass by indefinitely from the Republicans in charge.

“Today’s vote on the floor of the House of Delegates signals a sea change for Virginia. No longer shall the will of the people be ignored. The new gun violence prevention majority is going to take action to save lives. Today, we are one step closer to making the Commonwealth of Virginia a safer place for everyone and stopping gun violence in all its forms. Our deepest thanks to all the members of the House of Delegates who worked so hard to get these bills passed.”


The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention organization. Follow them on Twitter at @CSGV and Instagram @coalitiontostopgunviolence

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