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January 28, 2020

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Virginia Senate Votes To Remove Guns From Abusers

SB 479 prohibits possession of firearms for those subject to a permanent protective order

Richmond, Virginia (January 28, 2020) – The Commonwealth of Virginia moved again in the direction of safety with the bipartisan passage of SB 479. The bill to prohibit the possession of firearms for those who are the subject of permanent protective orders passed by a vote of 23-17.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Senior Director of Law & Policy Kelly Roskam issued the following statement:

“Today, Virginia took the important step of passing a law to remove guns from persons who are the subject of permanent protective orders — these are persons who have committed acts of violence, force, or threat. Evidence shows that there is a strong link between past acts of violence and gun violence. Virginia currently prohibits the purchase and transportation of firearms for those subject to these protective orders but still allowed for possession — putting lives at risk. For years, our organization has asked Virginia lawmakers to close this loophole. Today, we are one step closer to seeing that happen.

“Thank you to Senator Howell for championing this bill. We are hopeful to see the same success in the House of Delegates very soon and get this life-saving legislation signed into law.”



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