Virginia Legislation

Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Lost and Stolen Gun Bill

Richmond, VA (February 5, 2020) — This evening, the Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee passed SB 67, a bill requiring lost and stolen firearms to be reported within 24 hours.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Virginia State Director Lori Haas issued the following statement:

“Tracing firearms to their rightful owners can help solve crimes, which is why law enforcement agencies have asked for this legislation for years. Many firearms flow into impacted communities via traffickers who conveniently ‘lose’ their firearms. This must stop.

“As one of the states where many crime guns originate, it is imperative that we take responsibility to also protect our neighbors. Too many guns flow out of Virginia into other states. By requiring the swift report of stolen or lost firearms, we can improve law enforcement’s ability to stem trafficking to communities disproportionately affected by gun violence and to other states.

“We are pleased to see this bill pass the Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee and look forward to seeing it advance.”


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