FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  December 22, 2015
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Coalition to Stop Gun Violence applauds AG’s action to enforce Virginia law and prohibit dangerous out-of-state visitors from carrying loaded firearms

Richmond, VA—Today, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring announced that the Commonwealth of Virginia will be terminating concealed carry reciprocity agreements with 25 states that fail to meet the standards Virginia has set to ensure the safety of its citizens.

Specifically, the Virginia statute governing reciprocity requires that: (1) The issuing state must provide instantaneous verification of the validity of permits, and; (2) The issuing state’s requirements and qualifications must be sufficient to prevent the issuance of a permit to an individual who would be denied a permit in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  This latter group includes stalkers; those convicted of violent misdemeanor offenses (i.e., assault/battery, weapons charges, sex offenses, etc.); habitual drunkards; juveniles convicted of offenses that would have been felonies had they been adults; and persons whose mentally illness causes them to be a potential danger to self or others.

For years, Virginia has maintained concealed carry reciprocity agreements with states that fail to meet the basic standards outlined in Virginia code.  This oversight has allowed potentially violent individuals to carry loaded, concealed guns in public spaces across the Commonwealth.

“Virginia’s lack of enforcement of its own standards has been irresponsible and dangerous,” said Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) executive director Josh Horwitz. “While the Commonwealth has plenty of room to improve their own standards for issuing concealed carry permits, the actions taken today by the Attorney General are a good first step toward making Virginia a safer place for its citizens and visitors alike.”

“We express our sincere thanks to Attorney General Herring for putting the safety of our families above the financial interests of the gun lobby,” said Lori Haas, CSGV’s Virginia State Director.  “As a mother and survivor of gun violence, it gives me some peace of mind knowing that dangerous individuals from other states will no longer be allowed to legally carry concealed weapons on the streets of Virginia.”


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