Victory in Virginia

November 5, 2019

Andrew Patrick
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Gun Violence Prevention Propels Democrats to Power in Virginia

Voters hold Republicans responsible for years of just offering “thoughts and prayers”

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Virginia State Director Lori Haas issued the following statement:

“After my daughter survived the massacre at Virginia Tech 12 years ago, I knew that Virginia’s lax gun laws must change. It has taken too long and cost too many lives, but with tonight’s results, change has finally come to the Commonwealth.

“Voters have punished Virginia Republicans for their inaction to Virginia’s gun violence epidemic. In July, legislators were called back to Richmond by Governor Northam for a special session to address gun violence, but the Republican majority just voted to adjourn and ran back home to their districts. The people of Virginia recognized that cowardice, saw through their deception, and voted for candidates who will stand up for the lives and safety of Virginians — not the corporate gun lobby.

“In the next session, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence looks forward to working with Governor Northam and the newly elected Senate & House members to pass strong, commonsense, popular gun violence prevention policies that for far too long have died in the backrooms and subcommittees in Richmond. We will pass laws that will protect the lives of those who have been ignored by their elected officials, the communities who suffer from daily gun violence, the women who live in fear of their armed abusive partners, the families who worry about their loved ones’ access to guns.

“Tonight, voters in Virginia chose a safer Commonwealth. They sent the message that inaction is no longer acceptable and there will be consequences for those who continue to carry water for the gun lobby.”


The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention organization. Follow them on Twitter at @CSGV and Instagram @coalitiontostopgunviolence

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