Lawrence VanDyke Has No Place on a Federal Court


November 21, 2019


Andrew Patrick

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Lawrence VanDyke Has No Place on a Federal Court

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Director of Federal Affairs Dakota Jablon issued the following statement:

“This morning, the Senate advanced the nomination of Lawrence VanDyke for a lifetime appointment to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by a party-line vote.

“The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence strongly opposes the nomination of VanDyke to the Ninth Circuit. In the words of the American Bar Association, VanDyke has shown himself to be lazy, arrogant, an ideologue, and not qualified for the position for which he has been nominated.

“Lawrence VanDyke’s own words have indicated that he is unable to serve as a fair and impartial justice on the issue of guns and gun violence prevention. The answers that he chose in the 2014 Montana Candidate Questionnaire from the National Rifle Association (NRA) paint a troubling picture. VanDyke selected boxes that stated all ‘gun laws are misdirected,’ that he would oppose any attempt at universal background checks, and that he would work to repeal restrictions on carrying guns in banks, government buildings, college campuses, and bars.

“VanDyke is not shy about expressing his impartiality when it comes to gun cases. He suspended his NRA membership so he won’t have to recuse himself in cases pertaining to the gun lobby and even goes as far to write in a private email, ‘We want to be on the record as on the side of gun rights (and the NRA).’

“VanDyke is incapable of serving as an impartial justice and his nomination to this extremely important seat should be voted down by all Senators who value the impartiality of our judicial system.”


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