Trump’s Silence on San Bernardino Shooting Reflects Apathy on American Gun Violence

In the four days since Monday’s domestic violence shooting at a California elementary school, the White House has yet to offer a statement

Washington, DC (April 13, 2017)  — A shooting described as a murder-suicide unfolded Monday morning inside a San Bernardino elementary school. In what is thought  to be a domestic dispute, a 53-year-old male entered a special needs classroom and shot and killed his wife, as well as an 8-year-old boy. Another 9-year-old student was also injured. The shooter had a criminal history that included drug charges, illegal possession of a firearm, and domestic violence. The president has yet to mention the tragedy.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Media Director Andrew Patrick issued the following statement:  

“Unfortunately, President Trump’s silence on the North Park Elementary School shooting is not surprising. His seat in the Oval Office was bought and paid for by the National Rifle Association (NRA). His Supreme Court pick was hand-chosen by the NRA. The NRA has called themselves ‘Trump’s strongest ally’ — a title few organizations are foolish enough to brand themselves with.

“Trump’s lack of empathy, concern, or acknowledgment when an 8-year-old boy is killed in his own classroom and a teacher is shot by her abusive husband reflects the NRA’s influence. Trump’s silence is his statement. And it’s a statement straight out of the NRA’s playbook: these lives are disposable.

“As the tenth anniversary of the massacre at Virginia Tech University nears, we recall then-President George W. Bush’s comforting words following the tragedy. Even President Bush — no enemy of the gun lobby — knew when to put politics aside and use the power of the presidency to speak to a wounded nation. When President Trump is faced with the next Virginia Tech, Aurora, Charleston, Newtown, or Orlando, will he be able to find the right words? Will he even care?”  


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