Trump Calls On States to Pass Extreme Risk Laws, We Agree

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Executive Director Josh Horwitz issued the following statement:

“President Trump offered multiple ideas this evening– some good, some terrible– in his gun reform proposal. One aspect of the package that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) endorses is the call for every state in the nation to enact a risk-based gun removal law. The proposal outlined by the president sounds substantially similar to the Extreme Risk Protective Order (ERPO) that we have championed.

“As the leading gun violence prevention group in the development and implementation of ERPO laws, we are hopeful that governors and state lawmakers will take the president up on his proposal. Effective ERPO laws provide a tool for family members and law enforcement to separate guns from individuals at a high risk of dangerous behavior.  An ERPO law was part of the gun violence package signed into law by Florida Governor Rick Scott last week.

“As more states begin to look at passing their own laws, we recommend they consider the following factors. Effective risk-based removal laws should:

  • Allow for both family and household members, and law enforcement to petition a judge for an ERPO
  • Be based on credible evidence that the subject is at a high risk of harm to self or others. In determining whether an individual is at a high risk of harm to self or others, a judge should consider evidence-based risk factors such as past acts or threats of violence, past acts or threats of domestic violence, and misuse of controlled substances or alcohol.
  • Establish orders that temporarily prohibit purchase and possession of  firearms, and remove firearms already in the possession of the subject of the order, allowing them to seek help for whatever has put them at an elevated risk of harm to self or others.
  • Provide adequate due process.
  • Refrain from unfairly stigmatizing individuals with mental illness since the evidence is clear that mental illness is not a significant risk factor for future interpersonal violence.

“Trump also encouraged improving the National Instant Background Check System (NICS). The bipartisan Fix NICS bill should be met with swift congressional action and sent to the president’s desk.

“CSGV is unequivocally opposed to the suggestion of arming America’s teachers. This fringe idea is nothing but a giveaway to the gun lobby. Adding guns to the classroom only increases the chances of a student being harmed in our schools. This proposal should not warrant serious discussion as it has been roundly rejected by the overwhelming majority of Americans.”


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