The “Thoughts and Prayers” Speaker

April 11, 2018

Andrew Patrick
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The “Thoughts and Prayers” Speaker

Speaker Paul Ryan’s true legacy is one of ineptitude and inaction on America’s gun violence epidemic

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Media Director Andrew Patrick Issued the Following Statement:

“As the national gun violence prevention movement grows and voters aim to unseat politicians beholden to the gun lobby, Paul Ryan recognizes the writing on the wall. His cowardice and inaction on the American plague of gun violence make him vulnerable in November, and he knows it.

“Since his election as speaker on October 29, 2015, Ryan has seen five of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history  — Las Vegas, Orlando, Sutherland Springs, Parkland, San Bernardino — occur on his watch. Each time, Ryan presided over a shameful ritual in the House of Representatives: a moment of silence followed by inaction.

“What’s more, during his speakership, an estimated 89,829 Americans have been killed by guns. The vast majority of those never even received their thoughts and prayers from the speaker’s Twitter feed.

“Paul Ryan will go down in history as an inept and cowardly leader who would rather quit than do the right thing. So as he slithers away from Congress in disgrace, we want to offer him our thoughts and prayers.”


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