The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Applauds Passage of the 2019 Violence Against Women Act

April 4, 2019

Andrew Patrick
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The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Applauds Passage of the 2019 Violence Against Women Act

Landmark legislation reauthorization passes House of Representatives by a vote of 263 -158.

Washington, DC (April 4, 2019) – Today, the House of Representatives took the vitally important step of reauthorizing the landmark Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) that was originally signed into law 25 years ago. The reauthorization passed in spite of the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) efforts to corrupt the legislation with poison pills and threats.

The new version of VAWA closes deadly loopholes that have allowed stalkers and abusive dating partners to remain armed and inflict death, pain, and fear upon millions of Americans.VAWA also authorizes the use of STOP grants for the development and implementation of laws, policies, and training for the removal of firearms from domestic abusers who are prohibited from possessing them. In a nation where nearly half of all women killed are murdered by a current or former intimate partner, the reauthorization of this lapsed legislation will save lives.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence General Counsel Kelly Roskam issued the following statement:

“We are overjoyed to see the Violence Against Women Act pass the House of Representatives. Today’s vote marks a clear departure from previous sessions of Congress. For too long, the danger firearms pose to survivors of domestic violence was not viewed as a priority and was ignored by male-dominated Republican congressional leadership.

“Domestic violence is a strong indicator of future violent behavior including acts of gun violence. When an abuser has access to a gun, it increases the victim’s chances of death five-fold. Guns and domestic violence are a deadly combination. We are thankful that the House of Representatives recognized this and took action on this life-saving legislation. Today’s vote sent a clear message to the women of America: your lives are important.”


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