Shame On Us

Shame On Us

America moves on from the deadliest mass shooting in Las Vegas, a month later, then Sutherland Springs happens.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Executive Director Josh Horwitz issued the following statement:

“We just did this.

“We went through the worst mass shooting in modern American history just over a month ago. Politicians offered their “thoughts and prayers” tweets. Our President gave his usual inadequate response. Cable news ran their set “mass shooting” graphics and asked the same rhetorical questions. Americans once again asked ‘how does this keep happening?’

“Dozens of people are dead in Texas today. We cannot allow them to be forgotten! This uniquely American cycle must stop. Americans are slain in their houses of prayer and all their elected officials will offer is prayer. We must do more.

“Our politicians can only remove this perpetual shame on our nation through immediate and purposeful action.  

“We just did this.”


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