Senator Amanda Chase Threatens Gun Violence Prevention Groups

September 20, 2019

Andrew Patrick
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Senator Amanda Chase Threatens Gun Violence Prevention Groups

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Virginia State Director Lori Haas issued the following statement:

“Virginia Senator Amanda Chase (R-11) has begun running sponsored Facebook ads with incendiary, threatening language targeting gun violence prevention organizations like mine..

“‘I’m not afraid to shoot down gun groups,’ the advertisement reads with a photo of Senator Chase firing a revolver. This type of dangerous rhetoric is beyond the pale, especially from a sitting elected official.

“These types of violent threats are not acceptable in any other policy discussion. So why do we still tolerate them in the debate over America’s gun violence epidemic? Why does Amanda Chase get a pass when she threatens violence towards people who disagree with her? This isn’t normal, and it should be condemned by all sides.

“In 46 days, Virginians can send a message that this type of violent rhetoric and extremism is not acceptable from a public official. Amanda Chase’s threats and violent behavior disqualify her from public office. She has no place in America’s oldest law-making body. It is time to send her home.”


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