Santa Fe High School Shooting Shows Price of Inaction

May 18, 2018

Andrew Patrick
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Santa Fe High School Shooting Shows Price of Inaction

Two weeks after the NRA came to Texas, the effects of their dangerous policies are felt at Sante Fe High School

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Executive Director Josh Horwitz Issued the Following Statement:

“Ten families in Texas are without loved ones tonight.

“Families that were preparing for graduation ceremonies are now planning funerals. Once again, an individual had easy access to guns and used them to inflict carnage on an entire community.

“Texas officials like Governor Greg Abbott and Senator Ted Cruz have offered their thoughts and prayers — just like they did following the Sutherland Springs shooting. But just two weeks ago, they were cozying up to the National Rifle Association (NRA) at their annual convention in Dallas. It is clear where their allegiances lie.

“Our politicians have once again failed us. They have failed to keep our children safe. They have failed to listen to calls for stronger gun laws.

“Our officials must make a choice. You are on the side of the NRA or the side of the American people. A reckoning is coming and it starts on Election Day this November.”


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