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June 19, 2021

Andrew Patrick
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Historic Set of Colorado Gun Violence Prevention Legislation Signed Into Law

DENVER — As America marks Gun Violence Awareness Month, Colorado Governor Jared Polis took decisive action to keep Colorado families, communities, and localities safe from gun violence.

Colorado has far too often seen the deadly effects of America’s gun violence epidemic. In addition to recent high-profile mass shootings in Boulder and Colorado Springs, two Coloradoans die everyday due to gun violence. Colorado also suffers from one of the highest gun suicide rates in the nation and Coloradoans continue to confront daily community gun violence that rarely breaks through the news cycle. With Governor Polis putting his signature on these vital pieces of gun violence prevention legislation, the Rocky Mountain State is taking solid steps in addressing this gun violence epidemic and building a safer state for all Colorado citizens.

The legislation signed into law today:

  • End Preemption allows local regulation of firearms (SB 256)
  • Strengthening Background Checks to Close the ‘Charleston Loophole’ by ensuring that a gun is not sold to someone until the background check is complete and approval is granted. It additionally prohibits the transfer of firearms to someone convicted of a violent misdemeanor in the prior 5 years. (HB 1298)
  • Establish the Office of Gun Violence Prevention to coordinate, fund, and promote effective efforts to reduce gun violence, such as extreme risk laws and community violence prevention programs. (HB1299)

“By signing this historic set of legislation into law, Governor Polis is sending a message that protecting Coloradans from gun violence is a priority,” said Coalition to Stop Gun Violence State Affairs Manager Lisa Geller. “Colorado communities can now make their own decisions about the best way to prevent gun violence by enacting restrictions beyond those at the state level. In addition, as one of the first in the country, the newly established Office of Gun Violence Prevention will coordinate efforts and promote initiatives that can reduce the terrible toll of gun homicides and suicides and allow Coloradans to thrive free from the threat of gun violence.”

President of Colorado Ceasefire Legislative Action Eileen McCarron, a CSGV Safer States Initiative partner, added “These laws will prevent people who have shown a propensity for violence from passing a background check and ensure that one can not obtain a gun until cleared by a background check. These are evidence-based measures that will save lives. Make no doubt about it, this is an historic day in Colorado.”

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence recently hosted a webinar “Colorado: The Making of a Safer State” with state Reps. Tom Sullivan and Jennifer Bacon, and Colorado Ceasefire spokesperson Tom Mauser, to discuss the progress in gun violence prevention during this year’s legislative session and what Coloradoans can do to build on these successes.


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