Action on Racial Equity from Biden Administration

January 27, 2021

Samantha Kupferman, West End Strategy Team; (202) 215-9260

CSGV Applauds Executive Orders On Racial Equity

President Joe Biden signed a series of executive orders yesterday, which share the goal of expanding basic fairness and equity for marginalized communities in housing, health care, the justice system, and other everyday aspects of American life.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence responds with the following statement from Executive Director Josh Horwitz:

“We applaud this administration’s efforts to make good on its promise of placing equity at the core of every federal agency, and of righting past wrongs. Each of today’s executive orders has the potential to measurably improve the lives of marginalized people by expanding equitable access to housing and health care, ending unjust carceral systems, and actively seeking to root out institutional racism.

“We also know that an intentional, sustained focus on equity and justice is critical to interrupting cycles of gun violence in our communities. We look forward to seeing more executive orders and similar actions that share our goal of ending gun violence and creating safer communities for us all.”

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