The Death of an American Icon

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Mourns Death of John Lewis

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Executive Director Josh Horwitz issued the following statement:

“John Lewis was the greatest of America. His towering legacy drives our mission of nonviolence and pursuit of a more perfect union. The work of gun violence prevention — the work that we do every single day — it is rooted in the ideals of Congressman John Lewis.

“Congressman John Lewis demonstrated the power of the American people. He was steadfast in his courage and moral obligation to making this union a better, a more just place for all people. From his stand for equality in the face of racial violence on the Edmund Pettus Bridge to his sit down on the House floor for action on stronger gun laws, his morality guided our nation in the ultimate pursuit. The mountaintop.

“His incredible legacy will be exalted for the rest of American history. It is now up to us to continue to fight, to continue to march, to continue to make good trouble. He showed us the way. It is our responsibility to live up to the America that John Lewis believed in — and never stopped fighting for.

“Our entire world is a better place because of John Robert Lewis. He now belongs to the ages.”



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