FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  October 28, 2015
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Woodbridge, VA—This morning, Andy and Barbara Parker—the parents of slain WDBJ-7 reporter Alison Parker, who was shot and killed on live television this summer along with her cameraman Adam Ward–participated in a press call with candidate Sara Townsend to highlight Virginia state Delegate Scott Lingamfelter’s abysmal record on gun violence prevention. Townsend is challenging Lingamfelter for his seat in the 31st District in the upcoming election.

Delegate Lingamfelter is chairman of the House Militia, Police, and Public Safety (MPPS) Committee, which has been a staunch opponent of gun violence prevention legislation under his watch. The committee consistently refers such bills to MPPS Subcommittee #1, where they are killed without a recorded vote.

“The Virginia General Assembly is full of cowards, but Delegate Lingamfelter is in a league of his own,” said Andy Parker on the call. “Preventing life-saving bills from even reaching the main body for a vote as he does time and again just shows how deeply in the pockets of the gun lobby he really is. He’s putting NRA money ahead of the safety of families and law enforcement.”

Lingamfelter has supported a host of radical gun policies during his political career, including open carry of firearms across Virginia, guns on K-12 school campuses, and allowing gun carriers and to drink alcohol in bars and restaurants. Recently, he explained why he opposes laws to disarm domestic abusers, stating, “There is always the potential that someone could file a temporary restraining order out of harassment. Believe it or not, people are vindictive.”

“Delegate Lingamfelter insults all victims of domestic violence when he opposes laws to disarm their abusers and calls the victims ‘vindictive,'” said Barbara Parker. “Haven’t these women suffered enough? Shame on him.”

“Gun owners, such as myself, are smart people,” said Sara Towsend. “We know that a background check won’t take away our right to own a gun. It will just help to prevent criminals, domestic abusers, and the dangerously mentally ill from gaining access to firearms.”

Townsend discussed two outrageous gun-related actions by Delegate Lingamfelter on the call; one where he voted to make it easier to allow Virginians to own bazookas and another where he killed a bill that would have established a misdemeanor criminal penalty for those who give children under the age of four a gun.

“These votes are totally out of step with the views of families in our district,” Townsend stated. “If Delegate Lingamfelter is unwilling to protect our community, it’s time for him to find another job.”


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