Confirmed: The NRA is a Russian Asset

September 27, 2019

Andrew Patrick
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Confirmed: The NRA is a Russian Asset

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Director of Political Communications Andrew Patrick issued the following statement:

“This morning Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) released the results of his yearlong investigation into connections between the Russian nationals and the National Rifle Association (NRA). The conclusion of the report is damning for the once influential gun organization. For years, the NRA — including high ranking organization officials and board members — operated as an asset of the Russian federation and their officials, Alexander Torshin and the now convicted spy Maria Butina.

“As the first national organization to make this connection and provide information to reporters as far back as October 2016, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is not surprised by the conclusions from Senator Wyden and the minority staff of the Senate Finance Committee. The connections between high ranking Russian officials and oligarchs to the NRA were broadcasted out in the open by Torshin, Butina, and even high profile NRA members. The NRA, a corrupt organization that has spent decades wrapping itself in the flag, has spent half a decade cultivating relationships with the Kremlin — a government that operates as an enemy of freedom and democracy.

“Every NRA endorsed candidate on the ballot must answer for their support from a Russian asset. This begins in 40 days with candidates in the NRA’s home state of Virginia and must continue throughout the 2020 presidential elections. Over the past year, the NRA has revealed itself to be corrupt, greedy, and self-serving. With today’s report, we now know where they stand — and it is not on the side of American gun owners.”


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