With Northam Victory, Gun Violence Prevention Is Clearly A Winning Issue

With Northam Victory, Gun Violence Prevention Is Clearly A Winning Issue

Ralph Northam took a strong stance against the NRA on their home turn, it paid off.

Washington, DC (November 7, 2017)Tonight, Ralph Northam was elected the 73rd Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) was an early supporter of Northam’s campaign and looks forward to working with him to make Virginia a safer place to live and work.

CSGV Executive Director Josh Horwitz issued the following statement:

“Congratulations to governor-elect Northam on his victory tonight. Ralph was a strong supporter of gun violence prevention laws when it was politically risky, his victory tonight highlights how much Virginia — and the nation — has progressed on this vital issue.

“His commitment to stronger gun laws has proven to be the right decision morally and politically. This election represents another defeat for the NRA in their home state. Even after spending a tremendous amount of money in Virginia the NRA’s message still fell flat with voters. The political energy is now with the overwhelming majority of Virginia citizens who support policies to keep guns out the hands of dangerous people.

“As governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam will fight for those policies. Policies that will require background checks on all gun sales, remove guns from domestic abusers, and keep assault weapons off Virginia streets.

“Tonight is a victory for gun violence prevention. Those running for office in the future should recognize the new politics around this issue and stand up for keeping their citizens safe. Governor-elect Northam just showed them the way.”

CSGV Virginia State Director Lori Haas issued the following statement:

“I’ve known Ralph Northam since he first served in the state senate almost a decade ago. He held the same views on stronger gun laws and keeping Virginians safe then as he does today.

As governor, Ralph will stand up to the gun lobby and work everyday to protect families from the scourge of gun violence.

“I’m extremely proud to call Ralph Northam a friend and an ally, but tonight I am most proud to call him “governor-elect.”


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