Shooting at Nationals Park in Southeast DC

America’s Pastime

WASHINGTON — Last night, baseball fans were sent scrambling in fear after hearing gunfire during the 6th inning of the baseball game between the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres. Three people were injured in gunfire that happened outside the stadium and the game halted. The shooting at Nationals Park occurred the night after more gunfire in Southeast DC killed 6-year-old Nyiah Courtney. In the wake of the violence, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence called for Congressional action to pass needed gun violence prevention laws.

Lauren Footman, Director of Outreach and Equity at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, released the following statement: 

“The videos of fans screaming, rushing the field, and taking cover in baseball dugouts and wherever they can find shelter are absolutely horrifying. This is the same type of fear and chaos caused by gun violence that is a daily occurrence in communities, cities, and towns across our nation. It is a daily occurrence that has become synonymous with American society, just like baseball. 

“For decades, Southeast D.C. — like many impacted communities —  has experienced chronic disinvestment without adequate resources. What has been flowing into the community is guns, which is a lethal combination: lack of resources and unregulated access to firearms.

“One place where the gunfire was ignored was a mile and a half north of Nationals Park — at the United States Capitol where Republican Senators are blocking life-saving measures while the gun violence epidemic rages. The inaction of Republicans has created this nightmarish reality; a nation flush with guns and few resources directed to the communities who need it most. These very lawmakers who shamelessly block life-saving policies to address gun violence are the same ones politically blaming others for the carnage their neglect has created.

“This crisis demands immediate action and attention. It is time to pass the policies laid out by the Biden Administration and Congressional leaders that we know will reduce gun violence. It is time to support funding initiatives and vital resources outlined in the White House’s comprehensive plan and congressional appropriations proposals. It is time to install strong and decisive leadership at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to initiate programs to keep illegal guns off of our streets.

“Action must be taken and the crucial first steps are awaiting action in the Senate right now. Senate Republicans must put politics aside, work across the aisle, and protect our most vulnerable communities.”  



About the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Founded in 1974, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention organization. We believe gun violence should be rare and abnormal. CSGV develops and advocates for evidence-based solutions to reduce gun injury and death in all its forms.

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