National Public Health Week

April 10, 2021

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Applying a Public Health Approach to America’s Gun Violence Epidemic

Washington, DC — This week, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence was proud to participate in National Public Health Week, an initiative of the American Public Health Association. As the week winds down, our organization remains hopeful that lawmakers, public health experts, and advocates will continue to work together toward adopting a public approach to preventing gun violence by addressing its root causes.

State Affairs Manager Lisa Geller issued the following statement:

“In the last year, we have experienced a public health crisis, with the deadly spread and reach of COVID-19. We’ve all witnessed how a virus — when not adequately and forcefully addressed with strong, evidence-based public health measures — can overwhelm our communities, our health care infrastructure, and our everyday lives.

“Our country’s gun violence epidemic functions in many of the same ways. Like COVID-19, gun violence plagues people across the country and can spread indiscriminately, while disproportionately harming low-income, under-resourced and marginalized communities.

“This must change. For far too long, elected officials at all levels of government have reacted to our persistently high rates of gun violence with too little urgency, and the results have been devastating for American families. We have a gun homicide epidemic. We have a gun suicide epidemic. Gun violence is a public health epidemic.

“As a society, we cannot ignore this public health problem any longer. Evidence-based gun violence prevention policies save lives — period. This National Public Health Week, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and Educational Fund affirms our commitment to preventing gun violence in all of its forms all across the country.”


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