In Trump’s America, An AR-15 Has More Rights Than a Migrant Child

June 19, 2018

Andrew Patrick
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In Trump’s America, An AR-15 Has More Rights Than a Migrant Child

We can no longer stay silent on the atrocious human rights violations taking place

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Executive Director Josh Horwitz Issued the Following Statement:

“At the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, we believe in human rights. Our organization is made up of mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and grandparents. We are Americans who value the bonds of family and we fight every day to prevent those bonds from being broken by the scourge of American gun violence. We have seen the pain of families torn apart. That is why we must speak up.

“The zero tolerance immigration policies taking place at the border are an affront to humanity. The scenes we are witnessing are an attack on our moral standing — as Americans and human beings. It has become abundantly clear that this administration’s values are not those of the American people.

“It should never be easier to separate a toddler from their mother than it is to separate guns from a convicted domestic abuser. This is a disgrace and it must change.

“This is not an instance where we will simply stay in our lane. All Americans need to speak out. These policies are immoral and callous, they must not be normalized.

“End family separation NOW!”


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