Microstamping in California

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Strongly Encourages California to Pass AB 2847

This morning, the California State Assembly will hold a hearing on Assembly Bill 2847, which will incentivize firearms manufacturers to incorporate microstamping technology into firearms sold in California. Microstamping technology allows for law enforcement to quickly link cartridge cases found at the scene of a crime to be linked to a specific firearm. For the past 15 years, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has been advocating for gun makers to implement microstamping technology and encouraged California’s policymakers to adopt requirements for such technology.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Director of State Affairs Jen Pauliukonis issued the following statement:

“California experiences an average of 1,361 firearm homicides each year. The majority of this violence is concentrated in a handful of cities and is exacerbated by low homicide clearance rates. In many of these California cities, less than half of all gun homicides are solved.

“Microstamping is a ballistics identification technology that can allow police to quickly link cartridge cases found at crime scenes to a specific gun. This technology has the potential to help resolve unsolved murders and daily gun violence in California. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence helped pass these requirements in 2007, but the gun lobby’s refusal to offer the sale of new gun models in California has blunted the technology’s effectiveness in solving gun crimes.

“The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence strongly supports AB 2847’s easing of requirements and incentivizing manufacturers to adopt this life-saving technology to prevent gun violence in California.”


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