Maryland Passes Life-Saving Extreme Risk Order

April 10, 2018

Andrew Patrick
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Maryland Passes Life-Saving Extreme Risk Order

In the hours before the end of session, Maryland lawmakers passed HB 1302 to become the sixth state to establish an extreme risk protective order (ERPO) law.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Staff Attorney Yasmín Fletcher Issued the Following Statement:

“The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence applauds the Maryland General Assembly on the passage of HB 1302.

“The research has shown that extreme risk laws save lives. These laws provide family members and law enforcement a tool to petition a court for the temporary removal of guns for an individual in crisis. In other states, extreme risk laws have shown to be effective in reducing both gun homicides and suicides.

“Maryland has shown a commitment to reduce gun deaths across the state. This new law will make a difference in that effort by removing guns from those who pose a danger to themselves or others before tragedy occurs.  

“We offer our congratulations to Delegate Valentino-Smith and all of the lawmakers who worked so hard to pass this law. We would also like to thank Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence for all the help that they have provided. We are hopeful that Governor Hogan will take swift action and sign this bill into law.”  


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