2021 Virginia Endorsement

March 30, 2021

Andrew Patrick
apatrick@csgv.org; 828-712-7603

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Endorses Mark Herring for Re-Election as Virginia Attorney General

Attorney General Herring possesses the experience and insight necessary to lead Virginia with a commitment to gun violence prevention

RICHMOND — The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is proud to endorse Mark Herring for reelection as Virginia Attorney General. During his two terms in the position, Herring has made gun violence prevention a top priority of his tenure. The Attorney General and his staff have worked closely with the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Virginia State Director Lori Haas and Senior Director of Law & Policy Kelly Roskam from day one to address the epidemic of gun violence in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Due to this partnership, Virginia has now passed some of the strongest gun violence prevention laws in the nation. Herring and his office have already successfully defended against trivial lawsuits from gun extremists attempting to roll back that progress. Herring’s commitment to listening to the gun violence prevention community is longstanding; he’s been a regular attendee and speaker at CSGV’s annual Martin Luther King Day Vigil as well as a featured speaker at our organization’s annual event.

While other candidates for the Attorney General nomination have been supportive of gun violence prevention, Mark Herring has always been a leader on this issue. He has demonstrated experience, knowledge, and commitment to gun violence prevention and to making Virginia a safer and more equitable Commonwealth for families and communities.

In the race for Attorney General, there is a clear choice: Attorney General Mark Herring.

Virginia State Director and Senior Director of Advocacy Lori Haas stated:

“Mark has been a strong friend and ally of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, both during his time in the Virginia Senate, and throughout his two terms as Virginia’s Attorney General. When gun violence prevention was seen as a third rail in the home state of the National Rifle Association, then-state Sen. Herring took a stand and voted against the repeal of one handgun per month. He has been in the fight for years and Virginia has finally passed stronger gun laws that will make the Commonwealth a safer place. Mark has been a leader in addressing this public health epidemic that disproportionately affects far too many across the Commonwealth, most notably communities of color, as evidenced by his support of programs like Project Safe Neighborhood and Respect Richmond.

“Mark Herring’s commitment to gun violence prevention is deep, purpose-driven, and sincere. We can say with absolute certainty that Mark Herring and his staff’s dedication to ending gun violence will never waver, and we look forward to working with his office for years to come as the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

CSGV Senior Director of Law & Policy Kelly Roskam added:

“In 2013, CSGV identified glaring gaps in Virginia’s concealed carry reciprocity agreements with many states that did not meet Virginia’s standards, allowing individuals who would not qualify for a Virginia concealed carry permit to carry a concealed firearm in the Commonwealth. CSGV took the issue to the newly elected Attorney General Herring’s office. Many politicians would balk at the ambitious endeavor, but Attorney General Herring embraced it. He immediately directed his staff to work with Lori Haas and me on correcting this oversight.

“Mark Herring has always been an advocate in the fight to stop gun violence in Virginia. He introduced the Lethality Assessment Program, a multi-pronged domestic violence intervention program, and continues to provide training for law enforcement agencies across the state. He supported bills to address hate crimes and the rise of extremist, unlawful “militias.” His clear leadership on the threats of gun intimidation at the polls in the fall of 2020 made a clear difference in protecting Virginians’ right to vote, and he has led the legal fight to uphold newly passed laws to keep Virginians safe.

“With Herring’s steady, thoughtful leadership in the Attorney General seat for the years to come, there is no limit on what the gun violence prevention movement can accomplish. For gun violence prevention and for the safety of the people of Virginia, the choice is clear.”


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