Virginia Senate Committee Rejects Will of the People

January 17, 2019

Andrew Patrick
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Virginia Senate Committee Rejects Will of the People, Votes Down Gun Violence Prevention Bills

Richmond, VA— Wednesday afternoon, the Virginia Senate Courts of Justice Committee rejected numerous gun violence prevention bills — including popular proposals like requiring universal background checks, establishing an extreme risk law, protecting children, and allowing localities to regulate firearms at public meetings and rallies — on party line votes.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Virginia State Director Lori Haas Issued the following statement:

“Virginia Republicans don’t give a damn about the safety of their constituents. That is the message that Virginians must take away from yesterday’s committee hearing.

“Republicans methodically brought up and killed numerous gun violence prevention laws that, if passed, would save lives in the Commonwealth. It is disgraceful and misguided, but not unexpected. The gun lobby is a shell of its former self both in political influence and cultural importance, but Republicans continue to do their bidding.

“The good news is that this won’t happen much longer. The Republicans who hold the gavel are up for election in November in a state that has voted overwhelmingly for stronger gun laws in the past two elections. They are in trouble and they know it, but they lack the backbone, courage, or common sense to stand up and do the right thing.

“The people of Virginia are standing up for stronger gun laws and will continue to fight until we see these popular, commonsense, life-saving laws enacted in the great state of Virginia. November will be here soon.”


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