Lori Haas in The Washington Post

Virginia Republican in close race now backs ‘red flag’ gun bill

Lori Haas, senior director of advocacy for the Washington-based Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said the legislation too closely resembles state mental health laws that are already on the books.

“This is not an extreme risk law,” Haas said, using her organization’s preferred term for red flag legislation. “It replicates, very badly, some of the emergency and temporary orders that law enforcement officials are already using and doesn’t thoroughly address the removal of a firearm.”

Haas said the bill would leave out people considered at risk of violence who are not diagnosed as mentally ill, which is often the case.

“The biggest risk factors for violence is history of violence, anger, hate, misuse or abuse of alcohol or drugs,” she said. “We need to address persons whose behavior indicates a risk of violence and temporarily remove their firearms.”

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