Lisa Geller Quoted in NBC News

Gun violence is up. It’s been up for more than a year.

“If we’re talking about mass shootings, those tend to be left out because they’re seen as private events,” said Lisa Geller, state affairs manager at the nonprofit Coalition to Stop Gun Violence in Washington. “Some of these high-lethality events are inherently random, but if you include some of the events in private spaces, the role of domestic violence in mass shootings is large.”

“2020 saw record gun sales,” Geller said. “We know that when there are more guns, there is more gun violence.”

There are many possible reasons for the rise in shootings over the last year, experts say, from the stress of the physical health and financial challenges of the pandemic to harder-to-access mental health services.

“I think we are very aware that food insecurity, isolation and lack of social services are risk factors for many forms of gun violence,” Geller said.

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