Josh Horwitz Spoke to The New Yorker

Before the March for Our Lives, a Bit of Good News on Gun Control

After the terrible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in December, 2012, Josh Horwitz, the executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, helped put together a group of prominent public-health and mental-health professionals and experts on gun violence. “A lot of people were saying, if we could just do something about mental health, we could stop something like Sandy Hook,” Horwitz recalled. “So we looked at the data on that. What we found is that mental illness is not a good predictor of gun violence, but violent behavior is. The biggest risk factor for future violence is past violence. People who break things, get into fights, and threaten people are more likely to be involved in violence in the future. And, if you put a gun in their hands, they are more lethal.”

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