Josh Horwitz Quoted in The Baltimore Sun

‘Nobody would listen’: Six months before Maryland City quadruple shooting, victim was denied protective order

Josh Horowitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said extreme risk protective orders require a more thorough examination of the subject’s background to determine if they’re a threat.

But many abused women and men, including Hunnicutt, aren’t aware they can apply for an extreme risk protective order. Maryland became one of 19 states to pass the law in 2018.

A spokesperson for Charles County Sheriff’s Office said deputies served 20 extreme risk protection orders in 2020 but has never received an order for Price, a longtime Charles County resident.

“Between the domestic violence instances and these other misdemeanor violent issues, an extreme risk protection order is an available remedy for exactly this type of situation,” Horowitz said. “The totality of the circumstances made it pretty clear that there was some imminent violence about to occur.”

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