Josh Horwitz on 60 Minutes

A look at Red Flag laws and the battle over one in Colorado

The Red Flag movement began after Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. Mental health experts and gun safety advocates wrote a model law which most of the Red Flag states adopted. Among the authors was Josh Horwitz, who leads the coalition to stop gun violence.

Josh Horwitz: This is a law that is a temporary civil restraining order that allows family members or law enforcement to go to a court and remove the most lethal means – a firearm – before a tragedy occurs. And if the judge agrees and issues the order, law enforcement will go and serve the order on the respondent, remove the firearms, and then somewhere between 7 and 21 days everybody will come back to court there’ll be a full hearing. If the person, in fact, is dangerous to self or others, the firearms will be kept by law enforcement, and that person won’t have access to them for a year.

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