Josh Horwitz in Newsweek

Man Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Nancy Pelosi Had 2,500 Rounds of Ammunition with Him

“Trump has created from disparate groups a private army,” Joshua Horwitz, executive director of The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence said to Newsweek. “Now they have a common cause and now they have a general. When you have that type of despotic leader coupled with enough gun owners who are comfortable with the insurrectionist idea, you got a big problem.”

Horwitz added that the issue is fueled by massive spikes in the purchasing of military-grade weapons since the Federal Assault Weapons Ban expired in 2004.

“Frankly 2,500 rounds of ammunition is terrible, but you can go to any gun show in America and buy 10,000 rounds,” Horwitz said. “In the scheme of things, [2,500 rounds] compared to what other people are stockpiling…it’s not that much.”

Horwitz added that a weapon like a Tavor can fires rounds up to 1,000 yards.

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