Joe Biden Wins Presidency

November 7, 2020

Andrew Patrick, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence; 828-712-7603

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Pledges to Continue the Fight in Biden’s Administration

President-Elect’s record suggests progress to come, but has years’ worth of damage to undo

WASHINGTON — Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) Executive Director Josh Horwitz released the following statement in response to today’s presidential election results:

“The result of the presidential election is encouraging for the future of gun violence prevention. President-Elect Biden ran as a proud supporter of gun violence prevention and has a long, positive record when it comes to advancing evidence-based regulation of firearms that will keep our communities safe. His leadership across the federal government is especially needed at this time to squarely face the epidemic of gun violence that is deeply impacting our country.

“The president-elect’s victory, along with those of GVP champions in both House and Senate races from all regions of the country, is an undeniable sign of support from the American electorate. We will be looking not only to the incoming president but also new personnel throughout the administration to make urgently needed changes, and to help advance firearms regulations that will keep our communities safe.

“This election has shown us that our nation is, sadly, more divided than ever, but one thing on which we are united is our shared support for common-sense measures to reduce gun violence and deaths. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence joins American voters across the political spectrum in calling on the new administration to devote urgently-needed resources to quelling the extremist gun culture and supporting community-based solutions.

“Today, we celebrate. Tomorrow, we get back to work.”

In the lead-up to the election, CSGV provided research demonstrating the risks of guns at the polls as well as guidance to policymakers to protect the country from violence and armed intimidation, emphasizing the importance of laws that disarm extremism by banning open gun carry and strengthening concealed gun carry policies. The organization’s two reports, Guns Down At The Polls: How States Can and Should Limit Firearms at Polling Places (produced in partnership with Guns Down America) and Guns in Public: A Threat to Safety and Democracy, were pivotal in educating the American people, poll workers and policymakers on how existing state laws can catalyze political violence and insurrectionism if unchecked.

“Thankfully, Americans across the country were able to safely exercise their right to vote,” Horwitz added. “But we must be wary of the prospect of retaliatory violence by those who refuse to accept the results of a fair and democratic process. As we prepare for potentially tumultuous weeks ahead, we must commit as a country to ensure that all votes are counted — and counted safely — and that President-Elect Biden is sworn in without violence.”


About the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Founded in 1974, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention organization. We believe gun violence should be rare and abnormal. CSGV develops and advocates for evidence-based solutions to reduce gun injury and death in all its forms.

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