“Microstamping has the potential to help law enforcement quickly and effectively solve gun-related crimes while limiting negative interactions with law enforcement, especially in minority communities.”

– Assistant Police Chief Orrin Gallop, Hampton Police Department, Virginia

Microstamping is a powerful crime-solving tool that can help law enforcement quickly solve gun crimes, build trust, and prevent gun violence within communities most impacted by unsolved shootings and daily gun violence. While microstamping could be incorporated into firearms today, so far manufacturers have refused to produce firearms equipped with this crime-solving technology.

Microstamping technology utilizes lasers to make microscopic engravings on the firing pin of a gun, which stamps a code identifying the weapon’s serial number onto the cartridge when the gun is fired. The ability to trace a firearm is invaluable in a criminal investigation, as it may connect the weapon used in a crime to its first purchaser, who may become either a suspect or a source of information. Microstamping technology promises to revolutionize the way law enforcement officials investigate homicides and other gun crimes.

This reliable, easy-to-implement technology can be mass produced and incorporated into all new semi-automatic handguns today.


Our sister organization, the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, released a new report on the power of microstamping.

Microstamping: A Technology to Help Solve Gun Crimes and Reduce Violence provides an in-depth look into the powerful potential of microstamping technology.

This report:

  1. Outlines the mechanics of microstamping and explains how microstamping can help law enforcement improve upon the ballistics analysis techniques they use today
  2. Explores how unsolved shootings contribute to the cycle of gun violence devastating many American communities and the potential for microstamping as a tool to help law enforcement interrupt those cycles of violence
  3. Describes the development of microstamping technology and discusses the current legal and political landscape for such technology
  4. Offers a set of microstamping technology policy recommendations

This report will illuminate microstamping’s potential to help mitigate the converging crises of gun violence and policy legitimacy, engendering greater trust in law enforcement by increasing the percentage of gun crimes that are solved.


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