Our children should not have to grow up in a country that allows guns in schools, daycares, parks, playgrounds, stores, and other public spaces. At CSGV, we work every day to fight against dangerous policies like guns in schools. We strive to preserve safe learning environments — from daycares to college campuses.

Additionally, we lobby aggressively against national concealed carry reciprocity — a law that would reduce strong gun laws to the lowest common denominator. Under concealed carry reciprocity, individuals in states with weak concealed carry laws would be able to carry firearms in states with stronger laws — even if they would not qualify for a concealed carry permit in that state. In essence, concealed carry reciprocity forces states with strong gun laws to comply with the weak laws of states beholden to the NRA. At CSGV, we are doing everything we can to prevent this dangerous concept from becoming law.

By engaging in aggressive advocacy and social media campaigns, CSGV counters the NRA’s “guns everywhere” agenda. We lobby to prevent the implementation of dangerous gun policies in order to keep our public spaces safe and free of lethal weapons.


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