Over the last four decades, the NRA has pushed its “guns everywhere” agenda and weakened our nation’s gun carrying laws. Today, three million Americans carry loaded handguns in public every day. 47 states allow for open carrying of guns in public places, with many states allowing individuals to openly carry assault rifles at protests, into state capitol buildings, and in front of polling places.

These lax gun laws fuel insurrectionism, armed intimidation, and a shoot-first culture of violence. They lead to senseless killing in communities across the country. 

Our children should not have to grow up in a country that allows guns in schools, parks, polling places, and other public spaces. 

At CSGV, we work every day to fight against permissive public carry laws that increase violence, embolden armed extremism, and threaten our democracy. CSGV counters the NRA’s “guns everywhere” agenda. We lobby for strong public carry laws to keep our public spaces safe and free of lethal weapons. 

CSGV calls on states to ban open carry and strengthen concealed carry laws. We also call on states to take swift action to ensure their constituents can vote without fear of armed obstruction or intimidation. 



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