For years, the District of Columbia’s democratically-enacted, tough gun laws have been under attack by the gun lobby, both in the U.S. Congress and the nation’s courts. The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (Ed Fund) has defended the power of the citizens of the District of Columbia to decide by democratic means whether and how firearms will be regulated in the city where they live. We work to educate Americans across the country about how the denial of representation for District residents in Congress has distorted the debate over D.C.’s gun laws.

“The only thing that would cause more murder and mayhem in this city is allowing freer access to guns.”
– Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC)

On June 26, 2008, the Supreme Court declared the District’s handgun ban and firearm storage laws unconstitutional  in a controversial 5-4 ruling in the case of  District of Columbia v. Heller. The Court simultaneously affirmed that a wide variety of firearm regulations  are  constitutional and permissible, including licensing and registration.

The    District of Columbia  quickly revised its gun laws to comply with  the Court’s ruling while at the same time ensuring the safety of  D.C. residents. Unfortunately, the  National Rifle Association  is now  seeking to go beyond the narrow boundaries of the  Heller  decision and totally repeal the District’s new gun laws through the “Second Amendment Enforcement Act.”

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