Injustice in Kentucky

September 24, 2020

Andrew Patrick
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
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Failure to Charge Police Officers Responsible for Killing Breonna Taylor Decreases Community Trust, Incites Subsequent Violence

WASHINGTON — The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Director of Outreach and Equity Lauren Footman released the following statement following the deficient charges brought forth by a Kentucky grand jury against those responsible for the killing of Breonna Taylor.

“Breonna Taylor was wrongfully killed in her own home by Louisville police. For months, Americans have been peacefully calling for justice for Breonna Taylor and her loved ones. This week, a Louisville grand jury failed to charge any of the three police officers involved in the killing with murdering Taylor. When communities crying out for justice see two officers walk free and one charged with a crime unrelated to Taylor’s killing, it destroys what little trust existed between those communities and the police.

“Gun violence disproportionately kills Americans in our Black and Brown communities, the result of structural inequities rooted in racism. Trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve is a requirement as we work to reduce gun violence. Law enforcement must authentically partner with communities to build the trust required to fairly enforce the law. At the very minimum, communities must see transparent investigations and appropriate legal consequences for police who take lives.

“Recent events have highlighted how gun violence begets more gun violence, as communities protesting for racial justice have seen protestors and law enforcement injured by firearms. This volatile cycle is enabled by the gun industry and encouraged by President Trump’s violent rhetoric, which drastically increases the likelihood that peaceful protests turn violent or even deadly.

“Breonna Taylor and her loved ones deserve better. We must ensure that Taylor’s name — and those of Sandra Bland, Atatiana Jefferson, and other Black women — are not forgotten. We fight for them when we advocate for the systemic changes needed to bring reform and accountability to police and ultimately reduce gun violence across our country.”

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