Victory in Virginia

Governor Northam Signs Gun Violence Prevention Bills

As expected, Governor Ralph Northam signed a slew of gun violence prevention bills into law today — a historic win for gun violence prevention in Virginia. The bills signed today include:

Universal background checks
Extreme Risk Protection Order
Required reporting for lost & stolen firearms
Locality control to restrict on where/when firearms can be carried (with amendments)
Gun possession prohibition for subjects of protective orders (with amendments)
Child access prevention
One handgun a month

We also expect the following bills to be signed today or tomorrow:

In person training for concealed handgun permits
No guns in daycares and preschools
Voluntary “do not sell” list

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Virginia State Director Lori Haas issued the following statement:

“In November, after a decade of pent-up frustration, voters across the Commonwealth of Virginia demanded stronger gun laws. They ousted those who were too cowardly to act and installed a gun violence prevention majority. Today, with the governor’s signature, gun violence prevention activists are declaring victory in Virginia.

“I began lobbying for these types of changes to the commonwealth’s gun laws after my daughter was shot and injured and 32 others were murdered in their classrooms at Virginia Tech — 13 years ago next week. In those 13 years, Republican lawmakers have repeatedly rejected pleas for action on this public health epidemic. In that same time, regular Virginians became advocates and activists. They built community gun violence prevention groups. They protested monthly outside the National Rifle Association headquarters. They showed up in huge numbers for advocacy day to lobby their elected officials. When those officials ignored them, they voted them out. They elected governors who ran proudly on gun violence prevention platforms in 2013 and 2017. Then they flipped the House of Delegates and Senate in 2019. Now, with a GVP majority in the House and Senate and Governor Northam’s commitment, historic change is coming to Virginia.

“In the past decade, the politics around gun violence prevention have changed. Virginia should be seen as a microcosm of that change and an example of what is possible. We at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence are proud to be a part of this change and are thrilled to see the most substantial set of gun violence prevention laws in Virginia’s history become law. Thank you to Governor Northam, Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran, and all the officials and their staff at the General Assembly who made this day possible.”


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