Email from Paranoid Insurrectionist

From: J.T. Geddes []

To: [Coalition to Stop Gun Violence]

Subject: When they come…

Sent: Monday, February 21, 2011 5:24 AM

When they come,and they will, we the freedom loving patriotic and God fearing constitutionalst will engage as warranted.We will fight for all,for those who are fierce and strong,for those who are scared and meek and even for the like of yourselves the duped ignorant sheep like followers.

When they come…….and if you don’t think it can or will happen here,just ask the Japanese Americans,ask the German Americans who were intermed during WW II. When anarchy and and chaos reigns supreme here it will happen.The US Govt. is in bed with the U.N. and the One World Order and when these tyrants bring down the their law on free people it will trigger the revolt.

I don’t want it to happen,I wish our own government weren’t corrupt and selling us out.I wish the current government would turn things around,do the right,moral thing,put the nation back on track,love,honour God and govern by our constitution.Sadly this will not be the case and when they come for the last of the rock of freedom which we stand on then we will engage and defend our way of life to the end.

So no I will not donate to your kill a gun fund but I will fight for freedom both mine and yours.That is demanded of every freedom loving law abiding American.

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