NRA in Turmoil

May 15, 2019

Andrew Patrick
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Dissolve The NRA

Washington, DC — The chaos, infighting, and corruption at the National Rifle Association (NRA) are becoming more apparent by the day. Reports of out-of-control spending and self-enrichment by NRA officials reveal the NRA to be a corrupt enterprise — a pyramid scheme that feeds on its members to purchase suits, cars, and vacations for Wayne LaPierre and other executives at the top. Like Enron, The PTL Club, Lehman Brothers, Madoff Investment Securities, and other organizations that have violated the American people’s trust, it is time for the NRA to shutter its doors.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Executive Director Josh Horwitz issued the following statement:

“I’ve documented the immorality within the leadership and board of the National Rifle Association (NRA) for the past three decades. But even I was shocked to see the levels of deceit and corruption that are now being revealed.

“For decades, the NRA has represented the worst in our country’s political discourse. It is an organization that turned its back on its original mission — gun safety and training — to operate as an extremist organization. It has turned a blind eye to American gun violence — advancing a “guns everywhere” agenda that has contributed to the deaths of over 100 Americans every single day. Under the guise of defending “freedom,” the NRA has repeatedly done disservice to the United States of America and its way of life. Now we know what their true mission is: a money-making pyramid scheme for the gun lobby elite.

“It is the NRA members who should feel most betrayed by this. We’ve known that the vast majority of NRA members have been at odds with policy decisions adopted by the NRA, most notably their obstruction of universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons. But this is more than a policy dispute. This is a manipulative relationship. This is the NRA leadership taking advantage of hunters and gun owners nationwide.

“There exists a space in our political arena for a legitimate trade organization representing gun manufacturers. There is a space for legitimate political and cultural representation of hunters and responsible gun owners. There is a space for a legitimate group that focuses on the Second Amendment while also engaging in commonsense approaches to address our gun violence epidemic. It is clearer than ever that the NRA is not that organization.

“It is time to drain the swamp. It is time to dissolve the National Rifle Association.”


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