DeVos Considers Federal Funds to Arm Teachers

August 23, 2018

Andrew Patrick
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DeVos Considers Federal Funds to Arm Teachers

Washington, DC (August 23, 2018) — Today, the New York Times reported that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is considering using federal funds to arm American teachers.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Media Director Andrew Patrick issued the following statement:

“Like most of the ideas that come from Betsy Devos, the prospect of using federal dollars to arm school teachers is foolish and dangerous.

“There is no branch of this criminal administration that does not have its policy directed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) — the same NRA that spent $30 million to elect Donald Trump.

“This summer, DeVos held a sham school safety commission that refused to discuss the dangers of guns. Now she wants to force guns into our nation’s classrooms. If enacted, this proposal will make our schools less safe. It is opposed by teachers, parents, and students. The only ones in favor of this reckless idea are the gun lobby and their allies in the Trump administration.”


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