CSGV Virginia State Director: Virginia Senator Tim Kaine Shows Eagerness to Address Gun Violence; Governor Mike Pence Runs From the Issue

CSGV Statement on Vice Presidential Debate; Virginia Senator Tim Kaine  Shows Eagerness to Address Gun Violence; Governor Mike Pence Runs From the Issue

Statement by Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Virginia Director Lori Haas:

“Nearly ten years ago, my daughter was shot at Virginia Tech, less than 150 miles from where the candidates for vice president spoke tonight.  Following that horrific day in Blacksburg, I saw the leadership and compassion of then-Governor Tim Kaine as he vowed to do everything he could to ensure the lives lost that day were not in vain.  I saw that same leadership tonight from Senator Tim Kaine as he spoke about saving lives by enacting common sense measures like background checks on every gun sale and ensuring that those who intend to do harm do not have easy access to guns.  On the other side of the stage, Governor Mike Pence halfheartedly defended his running mate’s unconstitutional ‘stop and frisk’ measures while avoiding the issue of gun violence in America.  Americans of all political stripes agree with Senator Tim Kaine — we can protect the Second Amendment and advance policies like universal background checks that will reduce gun violence and save lives.”

Lori Haas is the Virginia State Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.  She became involved in gun violence prevention after her daughter was shot and survived the mass shooting at Virginia Tech University in 2007.  Mrs. Haas was one of the dozens of survivors, activists, and family members that gathered outside tonight’s debate at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. 

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