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On-Air Shooting Brings Virginia’s Gun Violence to the Commonwealth’s Breakfast Tables

Live Murder of WDBJ Reporters in Southwest Virginia Should Serve as a Turning Point for General Assembly Where Sensible Gun Laws are Long Overdue

The public is devastated by the murders of Reporter Alison Parker and Cameraman Adam Ward that occurred during a routine live report during the 6:30 am broadcast of WDBJ 7 News. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim’s family, friends, and colleagues at WDBJ.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has had its share of horrific tragedies because of its lax gun laws and the killings this morning add to our sad history (Virginia Tech, the Navy Yard). Despite the fact that research and evidence provide opportunities to prevent dangerous individuals from accessing firearms (backgrounds checks on all purchasers; prohibitions on violent misdemeanants and persons subject to protective orders; and gun violence restraining orders), our elected officials from across the Commonwealth continue to put the moneyed interests of the gun lobby and NRA ahead of the safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth.

“The gun lobby and the NRA care about one thing: putting more money in their pockets at the expense of common sense regulations to reduce gun violence. These regulations target dangerous individuals with a history of violence – they would not impact law abiding citizens. The voting records of many of our elected officials show whose side they are on – and it’s not the safety of their constituents”, stated Lori Haas, the Virginia State Director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, whose daughter was injured at the Virginia Tech shooting.

The lack of action facilitated by the votes of those in bed with the gun lobby speaks volumes. The horrific shooting this morning is shocking but not surprising. The horrors of Virginia’s day-to-day gun violence were on graphic display today for all the world to see.   And this will continue unless meaningful action is taken by the General Assembly.  Thoughts and prayers are not enough.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) seeks to secure freedom from gun violence through research, strategic engagement and effective policy advocacy. CSGV can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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