CSGV Statement on North Park Elementary School Shooting

Domestic violence shooting at North Park Elementary School shows the danger of armed abusers — both for intended victims and the general public.

San Bernardino, CA (April 11, 2017)  — A shooting described as a murder-suicide unfolded Monday morning inside a San Bernardino elementary school. In what is thought to be a domestic dispute, a 53-year-old male entered a special needs classroom and shot and killed his wife, as well as an 8-year-old boy. Another 9-year-old student was also injured. Initial reports indicate the shooter had a criminal history that included drug charges, illegal possession of a firearm, and domestic violence.

 Coalition to Stop Gun Violence General Counsel Kelly Roskam issued the following statement:

“Recently, we have seen multiple high-profile instances of domestic disputes leaving the home and spilling out into society. These situations become far more deadly for both the intended victim(s) and the general public when abusers are armed. We saw deadly domestic violence leave the home earlier this year in Wisconsin, yesterday in San Bernardino, and across the country as law enforcement officers, family members, colleagues, and even strangers become armed abusers’ unintentional victims.

For years, we have seen the gun lobby argue that domestic abusers and other dangerous individuals should be allowed to have guns. In doing so, they show callous disregard for both the women who are killed and intimidated by armed abusers and those — like the 8-year-old child killed yesterday — whose lives are stolen when such violence leaves the home.”

Yesterday’s shooting at North Park Elementary is yet another painful tragedy for this community and our country. San Bernardino has now been the site of two horrendous shootings in a 16 month period. We cannot allow ourselves to become desensitized to these massacres or throw up our hands and call them inevitable. We send our deepest condolences and keep these victims’ families in our thoughts, but that is not enough. There are mechanisms and policies available to remove firearms from dangerous individuals. We must educate the public on how to access existing mechanisms and demand that state policymakers across the country enact policies that can save lives.”



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