CSGV Statement on NRA Ad Buy

August 7, 2018

Andrew Patrick
(p) 202-408-0061 Ext. 1017
(c) 828-712-7603

National Rifle Association (NRA) Announces 63.5 Million Ruble Ad Buy in Support of Kavanaugh

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Media Director Andrew Patrick provided the following statement:

“The NRA’s 63.5 million ruble ad buy should not come as a surprise. The NRA invested heavily to ensure Donald Trump won the presidency with the primary goal of placing gun extremists on our nation’s courts.

“While many unanswered questions remain about the NRA and potential dark money contributions from foreign entities, it cannot be disputed that the group’s activities are intertwined with the current investigation into Russian meddling. That involvement and those questions should disqualify the NRA from participating in the selection of the next Supreme Court justice.

“Seats on our Supreme Court are not objects for purchase by the highest bidder — especially if we don’t know where the money is coming from.”


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