CSGV Statement: Governor Martinez’s Veto Endangers New Mexican Women

SB 259 Would Have Protected Women by Removing Guns from Domestic Abusers; Bill Passed Both Houses with Bipartisan Support

Sante Fe, New Mexico (April 7, 2017)  — Today, Governor Susana Martinez vetoed SB 259. The law would have required subjects of certain domestic violence protective orders to surrender guns and prohibited purchase of guns for the duration of the order.  

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence General Counsel Kelly Roskam issued the following statement on the veto:

“Today, Governor Martinez failed the women of New Mexico by vetoing a bill that passed with bipartisan support. A woman’s risk of being murdered by an abusive partner increases fivefold if there is a gun in the home, and abusers often use guns to intimidate their victims. By removing guns from domestic abusers, this law would have helped protect the lives of New Mexican women. Governor Martinez’s shameful veto of this life-saving bill implicitly denies the irrefutable link between guns and domestic violence.”

“Thank you to Miranda Viscoli and New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence, who worked incredibly hard to advance SB 259. It is disgraceful that the governor chose to defend armed abusers rather than protect victims of domestic violence in New Mexico.”


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