Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Amy Klobuchar for Re-Election

May 8, 2018

Andrew Patrick
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Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Amy Klobuchar for Re-Election

Washington, DC (May 8, 2018)  — The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) endorses incumbent Senator Amy Klobuchar to continue representing the state of Minnesota in the United States Senate.

As a former prosecutor, Senator Klobuchar has seen firsthand the damage that domestic violence causes. Her work in the Senate has demonstrated her commitment to protecting victims of domestic abuse from gun violence. She has been a champion of bipartisan domestic violence legislation, including declaring October Domestic Violence Awareness Month, protecting the anonymity of domestic violence victims who report their abusers, and reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.

Senator Klobuchar has also worked to close the so-called “boyfriend loophole” in federal gun violence legislation. Current federal domestic violence firearm prohibitions only apply to “intimate partners” which does not include dating partners a victim has not lived with, had a child with, or been married to. This loophole puts victims whose abusers do not meet these criteria at serious risk, given that the presence of a gun significantly increases the fatality of domestic violence. Senator Klobuchar’s efforts have been instrumental in protecting all victims at risk of gun violence from intimate partners.

Senator Klobuchar has been one of the strongest advocates in the Senate for domestic violence victims, especially those at risk of gun violence. We commend her work and enthusiastically endorse her for reelection.


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