CSGV Highlighted in Vice

If You Want to Change Gun Violence in the US After the March For Our Lives, Join These Advocacy Groups

Since the 70’s, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) has pushed educational and legislative agendas, aimed at ending gun violence in America. Through data-based policy development and effective lobbying, the CSGV has remained an aggressive advocate for gun control throughout its history.

With its team of experienced lawyers and policy experts, CSGV has a reputation for crafting and passing innovative gun control legislation. The group aggressively fights the NRA—which it labels an ‘extremist hate group’—through media campaigns, policy, and activism. The CSVG also advocates for policy that disarms domestic abusers, and actively works to prevent firearm suicides. To join the fight, you can get involved with one the CSGV’s many campaigns, or donate to the organization.

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